An introduction to Marchantia polymorpha

John L. Bowman

Marchantia has been known to man for millennia, and has been use in experimental biology as early as the 18th century in the elucidation of bryophyte life cycles by Hedwig. The description of the life cycle at the cellular level in the 19th century provided the basis for many aspects of biology for botanical students into the 20th century. The organellar genomes were the first of their kind to be fully sequenced in the mid-1980's and the sequence of the nuclear genome was determined in the past few years. Due to the ease of its growth and genetic manipulation in the laboratory, Marchantia has experienced a renaissance as a model to investigate both fundamental biology and land plant evolution. I will provide a short history of the use of Marchantia in experimental biology and an introduction to Marchantia as a genetic and genomic model.

Presenting Author:  John L. Bowman

Author Affiliation: School of Biological Sciences, Monash Uni, Melbourne VIC 3800